just got back from my first bus ride from work to my new place in grant park

i waited for the bus with my boyfriend

tired, i put my arm around his waist and rest my head on his chest while we stood though its inevitable lateness

further down the street we see a bus a bus coming and aren’t sure if it’s the right one, so he says “kiss me goodbye, just in case,” and i do because i want to

a van full of white fratboys slows to scream epithets at us for a solid thirty seconds, a block away from the first time anyone ever shouted ‘faggot’ at me, some two years ago; the bus driver is right behind them gets confused, and an older man in dark sunglasses and a panama hat gestures vigorously to her, not wanting some stupid kids to make him miss his ride to where ever

my boyfriend and i tell one another we love eachother, and i get on the bus, almost sit down behind the man in the straw hat but get embarrassed, sit down instead behind a dominican man talking in spanish to a friend from work about life and home

i think about this morning, when i took an easy half hour walk down memorial drive to my job

about half way there a black woman with very short hair in a red polo shirt and tattered cargo shorts had approached me, asking for money; i gave her the two dollars i had and went back to my walk

she called to me: “hey, are you family?” i told her i’m gay, if that’s what she meant, and she said, “yeah, yeah, you’re family, it’s good to see some of my people around here” - and i told her it is good, and i wished her luck, and she wished luck to me, and we parted ways

it is good

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