Cazwell - Ice Cream Truck ft. Cazwell (by cazwellVEVO)

dear lord this has two of my very favorite things:

  • ice cream
  • bubble butts
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I’m giving you all sorts of DERP realness.How do you like my DERP?Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s DERP?


I’m giving you all sorts of DERP realness.
How do you like my DERP?
Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s DERP?

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new tumblr crush
this person’s style and thoughts make me blush a little



new tumblr crush

this person’s style and thoughts make me blush a little

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the femme thing: a long but - i like to imagine - worthwhile list of thoughts

been following the thread on femme identity / community that was started by this post by hairyqueerkid

been thinking about it

have had the following thoughts:

  • i get how it can feel really crappy to feel like you’re being left out of something, especially when you feel like you’re being unjustly left out of supportive queer space
  • i also very much appreciate the contributions that femme women, cis or not, have made to this thread, and i think their comments are useful and important - even while i also think some of the stuff some of these femme women are saying is problematic or inaccurate or cissexist (like: it is really fucked and transphobic to refer to hairyqueerkid as ‘masculine-identified’ or ‘masculine-presenting’ when he’s made it really clear that’s not how he does his gender)
  • many of the women responding did not out themselves in their posts as being cis or trans
  • it’s fucked and cissexist to assume a woman is cis just because she does not out herself as trans
  • i know femme dykes who are trans women who don’t choose to out themselves as trans in every single situation ever, even every queer- / trans-focused situation
  • there a lot of different histories around femme
  • these histories are often very racialized and classed (not always in ways that the normative stories we have around such things would suggest …)
  • this has been mentioned in basically no posts here
  • this has been a very predominantly white conversation so far
  • i really don’t think i’m ok with white femmes uncomplicatedly folding stud/fem into butch/femme like there’s just one history or etymology going on there
  • the word ‘femme’ itself is, well, a really really common french word that has undoubtedly been appropriated / utilized by a wide variety of queer and non-queer english speakers in a variety of ways at a variety of times
  • this means that there are lot of different femmes and femme communities and ways of thinking about femme
  • every femme community ever does not have to and actually cannot include every femme ever, because the word gets utilized in such intensely different ways
  • the above doesn’t mean that exclusions from certain communities or spaces can’t be violent or oppressive - they certainly can
  • that doesn’t mean that it’s not entitled and sexist and maybe kind of racist for a group of mostly white boys to get all upset and pile on a white woman who quotes a woman of color talking about how femme is a powerful and resistant way to approach being a girl / woman
  • i am a femme boy and i actually am ok with women not centering my needs or identity all the time ever, you know?
  • they really shouldn’t have to center me me me all the time
  • expecting them to is surely sexist and seems pretty dude-privileged to me
  • it also seems very telling and particular to me that this whole thing has become about the issue of femme trans men, while the violence and exclusion that femme trans women regularly face has been almost totally left out of the conversation
  • that’s misogyny y’all - and it’s been enacted by a lot of different people in this debate
  • you don’t actually have to feel like or identify as a big butch manly-male powerful straight dude rawr to do damaging misogynistic shit
  • i am really unsure why this was framed as transphobia in the first place: as i understand it, the original anger and hurt was over the fact that a prominent femme woman blogger had posted some quotes that suggested a particular connection between femmeness and womanhood/girlhood, and some femme trans guy bloggers were upset because they aren’t women … which has nothing to do with their trans status, although it does relate to their genders
  • there are lots of femme trans people who are women
  • there are lots of femme men who are cis
  • so, yeah: rhetorically ignoring or excluding femme men from conversations about femme is, um, not specifically transphobic, whatever else it might be
  • i guess this line of reasoning is kind of binary-centric, though, ‘cause some femme people are not girls/women but also aren’t boys/men: so, yeah, there’s that
  • transphobia and binary-centering are not the same things, though, and can exist with or without one another
  • a femme woman, romanticroots, asked a question: why do some men (who are trans) feel the need to claim femme? i think it’s kind of cissexist for her to implicitly ask this just of trans men when there are plenty of femme-identified cis men, too - but she was also just following the lead of the trans men who were already posting … at any rate, i like the word femme because it’s a way of talking about some parts of my gender that lets me forge a connection with other queerly feminine people who don’t share other parts of my gender and sexual identities / experiences
  • there are several things in romanticroots posts that i think are wrong or cissexist, but i also think her claim that this whole thing has gone on in a really misogynistic and dude-centering way is spot-on, and i do genuinely appreciate her input
  • just because i share a queer feminine gendered sense of self with femmes who are women doesn’t mean all or even most of our issues are the same, nor does it mean that it’s bad for femme women to want to center discussions about their own experiences of oppression around femininity and queerness and womanhood
  • sometimes i feel very included and excited and validated as a femme gay boy in femme-centric spaces
  • sometimes i feel excluded or ignored or bored in femme space because they’re focused on the experiences or needs of femme people who are women and i am not a woman
  • i think both of the last two bullet points are ok things

and … scene

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so fuckin cute

<3 awww


so fuckin cute

<3 awww

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lol oppression aka queer aesthetics and normalization

aaka mewmew has no few reservations about being grumpy on tumblr


i am not posting this to be mean or grumpy but just to comment on the nature of tumblr, which i like to do from time to time.


i find it interesting that i can post a picture of a pretty stand mixer or something from hyperbole and a half about avoiding people for the internet (which is still getting reblogged from time to time, even though i posted it months ago) and that will get 300 reblogs in an hour

and i can post a screenshot of mubarek resigning, or something about something oppressive, or a picture of fat identified folks looking fucking hot, etc etc, and it will get maybe three or four reblogs

what is the point of tumblr?  what are we here for?  how can we mix the gawking and admiring of beautiful things/art/lovely objects with actual constructive thought and discourse?

finally reblogging this because i’m kind of legit pissed at the queer tumblrverse for having only given this photo from fuckyeahhispanicbears eight notes so far

eight! what is that shit?!

this photo is fucking awesome y’all

no, seriously, it’s one of the best sexyphotos i’ve seen on tumblr in a while

i love the hot chubby cub, obviously, and i love his cute undies and his pose: and, as much as that, i love that it’s clearly in a family home, i love that he took a sexy photo of himself - i think with a timed camera - in a room that was probably decorated by his mom or his auntie or his abuelita, i love the gold-tone drapes and the mismatched sofa, i love the family photos, i love the oldass computer, i love the vacuum in the corner and the soda bottle in the foreground

idk, like - and this is not not not a personal attack on any of the people who’ve said whatever in response to transartorialism’s original post - but a chunk of the response has been like “yeah! isn’t is weird how i can post a cute pic and get dozens of reblogs and post an actual idea and get like three??”

- but that’s kind of exactly the point: it’s pretty overwhelmingly urban skinny white kids with a certain cool hipsterish queer fashion who get 30, 50, 100, 400 reblogs

not chubby brown guys who take pics of themselves in their family’s livingroom, you know?

and partially it’s straightup body-normalizing stuff ‘cause he’s a chub-of-color but i also think the photo’s setting is at least as important; i find it really beautiful and charming and, just - it means something to me that this sexy photo is happening in a family home with family pictures on the wall, and not in some cool kid’s apartment in the city where they live with their cool kid roommates or whatever

there’s the life-style normalizing: the normative queer-white-middle-class assumption that you move away to the city and live ‘on your own’ and don’t (need to / want to) stick around to pay your share of your family’s rent or take care of your little siblings or your grandparents or whoever else

i mean i definitely know queer and otherwise not-het adult folks who live with their biological families, and they are all working-class or poor and almost all are not white: the expected queer life trajectories are very! raced and classed!

even though i’ve followed the normative queer young adult life path pretty closely, i can’t believe / would like to not believe that there are really so few people around here who have some - some sense of emotion and eroticism around the home-ishness of this photo, some idea of what it could mean, some sense of pleasure around the queer norms it subverts

so, yeah

i’m grumpy that this photo only has eight notes right now

whatevs! toxicass normalizing queer aesthetics and thought patterns



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