important! please help some beloved queers in portland!


Dear Tumblr,

     If any of you know people or jobs or people who have jobs etc in Portland, could you send them my way? I really, really want to work, especially because working beats not being able to pay rent and having absolutely no place for my partner and I to live, but, unfortunately, sending in 30 applications and having 5 interviews a week {each, not combined} isn’t enough to secure a paycheck.  If we can’t find work now, we’re going to be in a very, very dire place, and I have absolutely no idea of where we can go once this month ends except for the streets. 

At this point, if you even know places people can live temporarily for no money, something that can help with rent, etc let me know.

Thanks, A Trans Woman and Her Girlfriend

reblogging and tagging the hell out of this on the hope that someone helpful will find it

please reblog, retag, and reply to 3xosc if you have *anything* useful!

also: both these kids are smart and stylish and hard-working and charming as fuck; 3xosc has worked her ass off in restaurants and libraries and activist orgs, and her partner is a kickass artist, designer, and barista

i <3 you both

eta: here’s a link to the job openings listing on for portland - here are the listings for seattle and oly, too, if you’ve any thought of looking for other stuff in the northwest

from vivid-eris